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Th10yeare People Assistance Food Bank has been providing families food for over 10 years. In order to continue meeting your community’s needs, the Foodbank is in serious need of updated facilities. People Assistance long term goal is to expand services beyond nutritional needs, and extend help to those in need to becoming independent and live healthy flourishing lives! 

 Thank you for helping so many family’s in need! We look forward to continuing to provide services, care and support to the Sheridan Community in 2014. Every child, the elderly, each individual, struggling couples,  deserve to have hope and to experience the giving of their home community.
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PHOTO by Sheridan Press

FOOD BANK:  We established the food bank in late 2004, and moved into our current location on north Main Street April 2007.  Our goal is to meet the nutritional needs in Sheridan County. We also help with household needs such as furniture, appliances, kitchen items, clothing and misc.

Many opportunities to help this community are available through

PEOPLE ASSISTANCE. If you have a couple of hours to spare and want to help somewhere in the community please feel free to contact our offices. We can show you how you can assist us in helping others in lending a helping hand.  Financial assistance is always appreciated as well.


Help your local Sheridan community by donating to the Sheridan Food Bank!  Your contribution helps stimulate the local economy while helping your neighbors.


In 2005, Dan Lick, Director of Payee Assistance, determined there were people in the community that may not have the same needs as those he had been working with, but were still in need. He took the need to the board of directors and PEOPLE ASSISTANCE was conceived. PEOPLE ASSISTANCE guides people in need to resources that may be able to help with the need, including but not limited to, rent assistance, rent payment arrangements, gasoline, bus tickets, food, clothing, auto repair, help with utility bills, child care, medical. dental care, eye exams and lenses, and counseling.  PEOPLE ASSISTANCE is staffed with counselors dealing with personal, marriage, financial, emotional and spiritual issues. We also have access to legal counsel, if necessary.  PEOPLE ASSISTANCE staff work on a volunteer basis ; some retired citizens and some with full time jobs in the community

People Assistance Office & Food Bank
2560 N. Main Street
(Located next to McDonalds
by K-Mart)
Sheridan WY 82801
Phone: 307-674-1509
[map to location]

Need Assistance?
  • You can pick up food for your household on Tues, Thurs, Sat from 10am - 4pm
  • Emergency food boxes are available - 1 per household per year. 



By helping the People’s Assistance Food Bank, you are helping your neighbor thrive.  Kids and the elderly nutritional needs are a growing concern, even in Sheridan Wyoming!

Raised $32,000 towards the $300,000 target.

Updated: 7/9/2014

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